Let a Triple S Pest Management Professional Set Your Mousetraps!

You may not think of hiring a professional to come to your home or business to deal with your mouse problem. Surely anyone can set a mousetrap, right?

While it’s true that mousetrap technology is not as complex as weapons defense technology, it certainly behooves you to consult an Triple S expert when you have rodent problems, because your issue can be much more serious than you realize.

Mice can enter a home through a hole the size of a dime. Rats need somewhat larger entry points, but do a lot more damage once they’re in. It’s important to remember that seeing one mouse does not mean that there is not a whole family of mice living under your floorboards, in your walls, or nesting in the attic. Rodents breed prodigiously and their chewing habits have been known to cause fires.

So when you see the tell-tale signs of gnawed boxes in the pantry or little black droppings everywhere, don’t make the mistake of simply buying a few traps. Every day that goes by with rodents in your house is another day of disease-carrying urine and droppings piling up (and as bad as it is to clean up, imagine what it’s like in places you can’t see!)

Mice can breed new litters every three weeks, and the damage to wires and contamination of insulation in your walls and ceilings is immense.

It’s not overkill to hire a pest management pro at the first sign of trouble, because not only will a pest exterminator kill the mice, he will then take steps to prevent more invasions. There are many ways in which an experienced exterminator can help you keep your family healthy and your house free from pests. To get rid of your rodent problem once and for all, call Triple S at (703) 368-8000 or (800) 457-3785. You can also visit us at www.triplesservices.com.

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