Out, Mouse! Simple Tips To Get Rid of Mice

It starts with rustling in the attic and walls. You try to convince yourself you’re imagining it. Soon you start smelling the musty odor and you pretend it’s simply dust. But when you find droppings, there’s no mistaking it: You’ve got mice.

Mice are nightmare houseguests. They carry disease, destroy insulation and foodstuff with their nesting and foraging, gnaw on wires to start fires and leave nasty smelling droppings everywhere they go. If you’ve got mice, you’ve got a big problem that’s only going to get bigger. They can give birth to half a dozen young every three weeks. They can multiply out of control in a hurry. That’s why it’s important to act quickly when you realize you have an infestation.

Traps are the only reliable way for a homeowner to get rid of mice. Poison simply doesn’t work as well — aside from the difficulty of keeping it from kids and pets, unlike ants, mice don’t share their food. And you don’t want a poisoned mouse to crawl off and die in a wall somewhere.

Here are some tips for trapping mice:

  • Set up traps where you see a lot of activity (you can tell by the density of the droppings) or near a “mouse run” (usually dark smear along the bottoms of walls caused by oily mouse bodies running alongside it). If you’re worried about kids and pets disturbing the traps, put them inside a pvc pipe or a coffee can.
  • Check traps frequently, and dispose of the dead mice wearing gloves.
  • Continue placing traps until two or three days pass without killing any mice.
  • Clean up the droppings and urine daily with bleach so that you will know whether there are any fresh ones. Use a mask to avoid breathing in any pathogens.

Proactively seek out where rodents are gaining entry to your house. Seal openings around pipes and exhausts with foaming insulation or caulk. Seal windows and doors with weatherstripping. Place wire mesh over and openings you suspect they may be entering through.

If you have mice and want the problem dealt with quickly and effectively, call the pest management specialists at Triple S: (877)415-8724