mosquito biting human armWhen warmer weather appears, outdoor activities increase. Unfortunately, so does the mosquito population.  Not only do they make it hard to enjoy your backyard, but they can also spread dangerous pathogens and parasites to humans and animals, including West Nile virus, Zika virus, Dengue Fever and heartworm. Mosquitoes are the #1 Disease Vector in the world! Check our Facebook page and blog for recent news about Zika and other Mosquito related diseases. Help spread the word.

Triple S Services Mosquito Abatement

69CALL NOW to schedule your Mosquito Abatement program. Monthly service is provided April through October to minimize the dangers of mosquito borne illnesses. Our service includes:

  • Treatment of immediate perimeter of your home…shrubs, low trees, mulch and flower beds.
  • Fine vapor, directed mist with minimal drift
  • Peace of mind by taking proactive measures to minimize your risks

Peak mosquito season is during the months of July and August. During this time, the best way to control mosquitoes is to prevent them from hatching in your environment. A trained Professional can find and treat the source of the problem and give you helpful hints to keep the bugs away. Call 800-457-3785.

Mosquito Safety Measures

Eliminate breeding sites:

Below are guidelines that you can follow to help reduce mosquitoes around your property.

  • Empty containers that can accumulate standing water and store them upside-down.
  • Keep gutters clean. Debris can clog your gutters causing them to retain water.
  • Inspect your roof, outdoor faucets and air-conditioner units for leaks. Repair to eliminate standing water.
  • Fill tree holes or stumps with a sealant or mortar to prevent water accumulation.
  • Treat ponds with “mosquito dunk” (an infusion of bacteria to prevent mosquito eggs from hatching).
  • Aerate ornamental ponds or stock with mosquito-eating fish such as western mosquito fish, goldfish and guppies.
  • Clean swimming pools regularly and keep chlorinated.  Also, empty and clean pool covers with standing water.
  • Change water in birdbaths and wading pools weekly.
  • Adjust sprinklers to avoid over-watering your lawn, which can create ideal mosquito breeding conditions.
  • Remove wet leaf litter from around your yard.

Apply mosquito spray with DeetReduce bites:

  • Be aware of peak hours for mosquito activity (dawn and dusk) and use extra protection during those hours
  • Avoid the use of perfumes and scented lotions.
  • Wear loose fitting, long-sleeved shirts, long pants and socks to cover your body.
  • Use a repellent containing DEET or picaridin, following label directions. For children, use repellents with no more than 10 percent DEET.
  • Keep windows, doors and screens closed to prevent mosquitoes from entering you home.
  • Use of citronella or carbon dioxide mosquito traps for a larger area can be effective deterrents for mosquitoes.
  • Maintain your lawn, and remove tall weeds and brush where mosquitoes like to rest.

Flea and Tick Prevention

Triple S Services can treat your yard, shrub lines and landscape beds for fleas and ticks. Treating your outdoor areas will prevent these pests from traveling into your home on you, your clothing or your pets. Guard against these disease spreading parasites and other insects with any of our Residential Pest Programs.

If you are still having problems eliminating mosquitoes or any other type of pest, call the specialists at Triple S Services at 800-457-3785.