Triple S Pest Services offers Bed Bug Thermal Remediation Solutions for home owners and businesses in VA, MD and DC. Bed Bug are extremely difficult to kill and they bite. At Triple S Pest Services, we have helped hundreds of home owners and businesses rid their dwellings of bed bugs.

Bed bugs are hard to detect. They are masters at hiding in mattresses, box springs, carpets, curtains, under rugs, behind peeling wall paper, behind walls and baseboards, within electrical equipment like radios or lamps and around wall floor and wall ceiling junctions. Once they have invaded your space, they are difficult to eliminate. If you suspect that you have bed bugs, call Triple S Pest Services for professional bed bug treatment and removal in VA, MD and DC. We service both residential and commercial properties.

bed bug and eggs

Bed Bug with Rice and Eggs
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Bed Bug Identification

Adult bed bugs are small, wingless, 1/4 inch long, oval shaped and flattened from top to bottom. They gather into aggregations known as brood centers. Look for reddish brown fecal stains, blood spots, exoskeleton skins from molting and the bed bugs or eggs themselves. Eggs are visible with slight magnification, are yellowish white in color and about 1/32 inch long, and glued by secretions into cracks and crevices. Bed bugs omit a uniquely sweet raspberry-like or musty odor. They are active at night, but can be active in daylight when there is a large infestation or a host present. Of course, waking up with red bites on your body is an unfortunate and uncomfortable sign.

bed bug bites

Bed Bug Bites
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Isolating Bed Bugs In Your Home and Business

Bed bugs travel with you and spread, so moving to another bedroom can make the problem worse. Human blood is the preferred food source but warm-blooded mammals in general can host bed bugs. They become dormant in your absence and begin biting again once you return to your bed. Trying to treat them yourself with chemicals or foggers can also make them spread, thus harder to eliminate.

Eliminating Bed Bugs with Thermal Remediation

Our Thermal Remediation service includes:

  • Providing visual or canine inspection to determine the presence of bed bug activity
  • Review of the minimally invasive preparation instructions onsite with the client to ensure understanding
  • Heating the area to temperatures of no more that 135°F which is beyond the thermal death point for all life stages of bed bugs but not damaging to the contents of the area treated
  • Completion of treatment in one day

The heat treatment penetrates areas where pesticides may not be able to be applied.

Bed bugs, nymphs and their eggs are killed by dehydration.

Additional Services
Supplemental inspections, protection such as climb-ups, encasements and residual pesticide applications may be added to the thermal remediation package.


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