Anthony M. Sfreddo President and CEO
Phillip W. Sfreddo Vice President
James Kerns Commercial and Residential Pest Services Manager/General Manager Fredericksburg Office
Larry Legg Commercial and Residential Pest Services Supervisor
John Crouch Quality Assurance Supervisor
Mark Boersig Termite Services Manager
Susan Carrico Office Coordinator/Manager
Stephen Land Commercial Pest Services Manager Maryland Office
David Crandall Service Manager Maryland/DC
Penny Grimes Commercial CSR Manassas
Lola Nicholson CSR Termite Services
Gail Clark Residential CSR Manassas / Accounts Receivable
Stephen Clark Construction/Remodeling Services Manager
Sherrill Walker Commercial Services Consulting
Andrea Brubaker Commercial Sales Manager
Shawn Catterson Commercial Account Representative Maryland
Mike Williams Commercial/Residential Account Representative Fredericksburg
David Inscoe Commercial Account Representative
Mike Thomas Commercial Account Representative NoVa
John Moorman Commercial Account Representative
Andrew Dearing Commercial Account Representative
Dave Carter Residential Account Representative
Barry Collin Residential Account Representative
Dr. Timothy Dickens Entomologist
Dr. James Trosper Entomologist