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Commercial Pest Control Services For VA Businesses

In 1986, Triple S Services opened our commercial pest control department and started providing quality pest control solutions for Virginia businesses. Today, we're one of the largest and most experienced commercial pest control and extermination service providers in the entire state, servicing businesses located all throughout Northern VA!

Our Commercial Pest Control Options

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Serving both private industries as well as large government facilities, commercial office buildings, industrial properties, educational and child care facilities, retail and grocery stores, motels and hotels, pharmaceutical businesses, retail, and warehouse buildings, Triple S Services has built an outstanding reputation centered on reliability, dependability, and service integrity for providing pest control to businesses and local state and federal government buildings!

At Triple S Services, we also provide services to LEED buildings using IPM in a way that protects human health and the surrounding environment through the most effective and least-risk option available.

Triple S Pest Services specializes in these additional commercial services:

  • Fly Control/Mist Machines/Fly Lights

  • Mosquito Abatement

  • Professional Bird Exclusion Services

Quality commercial pest control is a must for businesses here in Virginia. Here at Triple S, the pest control services we provide are invaluable in protecting properties here in Virginia as well as preventing the spread of disease and illness. Triple S Services continues to distinguish itself as a leader in providing effective commercial pest control services!

Facilities We Service

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Educational & Child Care Facilities

When it comes to choosing pest control for your business, you want to make sure you're choosing the safest option, especially when your business is based around the care of children. At Triple S Services, we provide eco-friendly services to ensure that your school, daycare, or other facility is protected from pests and the problems they cause while also making sure that those kids aren't exposed to any harmful chemicals.

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Food Service & Restaurants

Needless to say, having pests in your business is never a good thing, but it can be quite difficult to keep them out! When pests come to threaten your reputation and put you at risk for a failed health inspection, we've got you covered. At Triple S Services, we use advanced IPM strategies and offer quality commercial pest control services to keep your restaurant and food service facilities up to code and your doors open for business.

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Hotels & Resorts

When your customers come to stay at your hotel or resort, the last thing they want to find is a pest in their room. Having pest sightings in your building can lead to loss of customers, negative reviews, and overall loss of revenue. And as a business owner, that's the last thing you want! To keep pests out of your establishment, the professionals at Triple S Services can provide quality pest control treatments for year-round pest protection!

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Hospitals & Pharmaceutical Buildings

Hospitals and pharmaceutical facilities rely on high levels of sanitation to keep patients and products from contamination. And in these environments, there is no margin for error. And with over 60 years of experience ridding businesses of pests, Triple S Services can develop a comprehensive pest control program for you to ensure that pest invaders stay out, helping you maintain the cleanly environment you strive for.

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Warehousing & Distribution

It can be difficult to keep pests from wreaking havoc inside your warehouse. To keep those pests from invading your facility and destroying your inventory, partner with the Virginia pest control experts at Triple S Services! With our comprehensive inspections and quality commercial pest control services, we can defend your business from a variety of common business-invading pests including rodents, cockroaches, and flies!

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Grocery Stores

When someone shops at your establishment, the last thing they want is to discover that the food items they purchased are infested with pests! To keep pests from invading your establishment and infesting the food products stored inside, the trusted pest control professionals at Triple S Services offers quality pest control treatments for grocery stores and will work with you to ensure your business remains pest-free!

Trusted Pest Control Solutions For Central & Northern VA

At Triple S Services, we provide commercial pest control services for businesses throughout Central and Northern Virginia. Whether you own a commercial office, a restaurant, a daycare, or some other business, if you're located within our service area, our commercial division is fully equipped to help keep those invading pests away from your customers and staff!


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