Signs Your Home May Have Bed Bugs

February 21, 2019

person checking mattress for bed bugs

Bed bugs are small, parasitic pests that feed on the blood of mammals, with human blood being their favorite food source. They can be tricky to catch because they are primarily active at night and can hide in very small crevices. Despite how clean your home may be, bed bugs can still emerge in your home as they can be present at public places you may have frequented like a shopping mall, airport, movie theater, or school.

Here are a few signs that you may have bed bugs and should give a pest control professional, like Triple S Services, a call.

1. Small red/reddish brown spots or shed skins on your mattress, cushions, or linens – these spots are a good indicator of bed bugs that were crushed.

2. Itchy bite marks on the areas of your skin that are exposed while sleeping – bites can resemble a mosquito bite or a small red rash.

3. A musty odor coming from the infested area – bed bugs release alarm pheromones when they get disturbed that is similar to the smell of the herb, coriander.

If you suspect signs, give our team a call to complete an inspection. It’s best to catch bed bugs early before the infestation spreads to multiple areas of your home. If you’ve been traveling or think your belongings may have been exposed to bed bugs, the best thing to do is immediately put your clothes in the dryer on a high heat setting as high temperatures can be effective at killing bed bugs.

Read more about bed bugs in our pest library.

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