How To Detect Mice In Your Home & What To Do About It

January 14, 2019

This year the presence of mice has increased due to the mild winter we had last year. When the weather is warmer, mice will reproduce at a more rapid rate. Now that temperatures have dropped outside this winter, these mice are looking for warm places to hide. These are some tell-tale signs that you may have a mouse problem:

learn how to detect rodents in your home
  • Droppings – The droppings are very tiny (about ¼ of an inch) and have pointed ends. If you notice a space on your floors where there appears to be dirt in an unusual space, take a closer look to rule out mice.

  • Holes in your storage boxes or bins – If you notice holes in storage bins or boxes, mice may be near. Mice need materials like paper and other durable materials to build their nests and are likely searching your storage boxes for supplies to do so.

  • Unusual noises at night – Mice are nocturnal. If you’re hearing odd noises or scratching at night in the walls or attic, it could be a sign mice are active in your home.

  • Rubbing or gnaw marks – If you notice oil marks or small teeth marks on your walls or moulding, mice could be creating their own paths in your house.

Wondering what can be done to prevent getting mice in the first place?  Here are a few steps you can take to prevent mice:

  • Seal up possible entry points – A mouse can fit through an opening the size of a dime. Check walls and the exterior of your home for small holes or openings.

  • Check screens and vents – Check screens to doors or vents for the chimney for tears and repair them as soon as possible.

  • Keep areas like your basement and attic dry – Mice love moisture. Keep the humidity levels low in your basement and attic.

  • Dispose of your trash on a regular basis – Food and garbage left in your home for too long can attract mice inside. Make sure you’re taking the trash out on a daily basis.

If you see some of these signs of mice activity, give Triple ‘S’ Pest Services a call to come inspect your home.

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