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Signs Your Home May Have Bed Bugs

February 21, 2019

Bed bugs are small, parasitic pests that feed on the blood of mammals, with human blood being their favorite food source. They can be tricky to catch because they are primarily active at night and can hide in very small crevices during the day. Despite how clean your home may be, bed bugs can still emerge as they can be present at public places you may have frequented like a shopping mall, airport, movie theater, or school.... Read More

How To Detect Mice In Your Home & What To Do About It

January 14, 2019

This year the presence of mice has increased due to the mild winter we had last year. When the weather is warmer, mice will reproduce at a more rapid rate. Now that temperatures have dropped outside this winter, these mice are looking for warm places to hide.... Read More

The Weather Is Frightful, But A Pest-Free Home Is Delightful

December 10, 2018

Winter is here, but that doesn’t mean overwintering pests and rodents are hibernating. As temperatures drop, it can be harder to find a food source and your home provides that food source they’re searching for. The good news is that there are some simple things you can do to prepare your home this season to keep pests out.... Read More

Tips For A Pest-Free Thanksgiving

November 18, 2018

Thanksgiving is one of our personal favorite holidays! Who doesn’t love indulging in delicious food and a day spent with loved ones? While it may be one of the best days of the year, your leftover Thanksgiving feast could quickly become a meal for insect and rodent pests if you aren't careful.... Read More

Spiders & What You Need To Know

September 30, 2018

With the arrival of fall and cooler temperatures, we commonly hear from our customers that they are seeing more spiders around their home. Depending on the type of spider, the presence of them in your home is not always a bad thing. Here are some facts about spiders you might not know.... Read More

Bed Bugs: What You Need to Know & How to Prevent Them

August 26, 2018

Bed bug activity has increased rapidly over the past five years and has left many people wondering why these parasitic pests have made such a comeback. Here’s what you need to know about bed bugs and the things you can do to prevent them in your home (hint: it’s not just about cleanliness).... Read More

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