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AT Triple S Services, we offer thermal remediation solutions to bed bug problems for homes and businesses throughout Virginia. Bed bugs are extremely difficult to eliminate once they invade and leave behind itchy, red bites on their victims. At Triple S Services, we have helped hundreds of home and business owners rid their properties of bed bugs.

By nature, bed bugs are very difficult pests to detect. They are masters at hiding in mattresses, box springs, carpets, curtains, under rugs, behind peeling wallpaper, behind walls and baseboards, around wall floor and wall ceiling junctions, and even within electrical equipment like radios or lamps. And once they have invaded your space, they are difficult to eliminate. If you suspect that you're dealing with a bed bug infestation in your home or business, contact us at Triple S Services for professional bed bug treatment. We service both residential and commercial properties and would be happy to help solve the bed bug problem on your property for good!

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Bed Bug Control - Thermal Remediation Service

Our thermal remediation service includes:

  • Visual or canine inspection to determine the presence of bed bug activity

  • Review of the minimally invasive preparation instructions onsite with the client to ensure understanding

  • Heating the area to temperatures of no more than 135°F which is beyond the thermal death point for bed bugs in all life stages but not damaging to the contents of the area being treated

  • Completion of the treatment process in one day

Our heat treatments penetrate areas where pesticides may not be able to reach and work to eliminate bed bugs in all stages of development.

Additional Services

Supplemental inspections, protection such as climb-ups, encasements, and residual pesticide applications may be added to the thermal remediation package.


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