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Spiders & What You Need to Know

With the arrival of fall and cooler temperatures, we commonly hear from our customers that they are seeing more spiders around their home. Depending on the type of spider, the presence of them in your home is not always a bad thing. Here are some facts about spiders you might not know.

  1. Spiders can be effective pest control. Spiders feed on common indoor pests like cockroaches, mosquitos, flies, earwigs, and moths. If left alone, spiders may eat most of the indoor pests in your home proving to be effective pest control for you.
  2. Spiders kill other spiders. When spiders come in contact with each other they typically battle it out to see who is the dominant spider. The battle results in the winner eating the loser.
  3. Spiders are vital to a healthy ecosystem. In addition to eating other pests, they pollinate plants and recycle dead plants and animals back onto the Earth. They also serve as a food source for other animals like birds and fish.
  4. There are over 38,000 known species of spiders. While some are harmless, others are not. If you’re unsure about a spider in your home or backyard, trap it and send us a photo. Our team of entomologists can help identify the species that you’re seeing. Contact our entomologists here.
  5. Keep out spiders by eliminating their entry point and food source. Like with many other pests, we can’t emphasize enough the importance of sealing your doors and window tightly. Broken seals allow other pests to get in your home, which leads to spiders following them to get their dinner. Your home is also an attractive place to hang out as it gets colder outside.