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Eliminating Overwintering Pests

Temperatures may be dropping minimizing the pests you see outside, but you could see more pests inside your home. That’s because as it gets cold outside certain pests will “overwinter” or “survive the winter”. To put it in simple terms think about the snowbirds that travel to Florida each winter to escape the cold. Pests try to do the same, but their “Florida” is your home.

What are some common overwintering pests you may see? We commonly hear about spiders, ants, box elder bugs, ladybugs, cockroaches, crickets, stink bugs, and mosquitos.

If you’re looking to evict these pests, we have a few pointers to help.

  1. Make sure your doors and windows are sealed properly to eliminate the entry points for the pests.
  2. Minimize your lighting outside and turn off unnecessary lights inside as many overwintering pests are attracted to light.
  3. Install a damper if you have a chimney. After a fire, the chimney is an easy way for pests to get in. Adding a damper at the top of your chimney can help greatly with blocking pests from entering.
  4. Keep your house squeaky clean. Your mess can be an overwintering pest’s feast and provide them with the food supply they are looking for.

If overwintering pests are becoming a bother in your home, give us a call today. Our technicians can inspect your home for these types of overwintering pests and determine the proper treatment. Stumped about what kind of pest you’re seeing? We have staff entomologists, aka “the bug doctors”, to correctly identify how to treat the pest you’re seeing appropriately.