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The Tick and the Mosquito

Towards the latter part of the summer it becomes very important to be on the lookout for, and protect yourself from, ticks and mosquitos.

Due to the size they begin their life cycle as (one-eighth of an inch) and the size they grow to (one-half of an inch) ticks can be extremely difficult to detect and protect against. They live on the blood of mammals and birds, obtaining it by burrowing into the skin and extracting the requisite amount.

Sixteen types of ticks exist throughout Virginia, but only three bite people: the lone star tick, the blacklegged tick, and the American dog tick. People are most often bitten by the lone star tick.

There are numerous ways to prevent being bitten by a tick. Using a repellent with DEET and wearing long-sleeve clothing are two of the more effective ways to keep ticks at bay. It is also recommended to take a break during outdoor activities to perform a tick check. If a tick is found, stay calm and simply remove it.

Mosquitos are most active during the dawn to dusk period of the day. Proper maintenance and repair of screen doors and camping equipment goes a long way toward keeping mosquitos away. The use of netting when sleeping outdoors is an easy and effective way of preventing mosquito bites.

For more tips on preventing tick and mosquito bites, checkout these useful guides from Fairfax County Government: