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You May Be Caught Unawares

Subterranean termites, as their name indicates, make their way into a house by burrowing under the ground and looking for their comfort zone, mainly soil and a moist area. Once inside a structure, they create tunnels and look to feed on wood and other like material. After forming organized colonies and assigning duties in a similar way to that of ants and worker bees, they are capable of creating significant damage in a very short period of time.

A large majority of the time a homeowner is not aware of the existence of a colony until the termites have begun their work and wrecked significant havoc. Similar to other pests, as they gain a foothold in a structure, they like to multiply and continue their onslaught. It is considered wise, especially in certain climates, to take preventative measures.

There are many types of subterranean termites across the United States (eastern, western, dampwood, drywood). While it is not good to be infested with any of these creatures, the eastern subterranean termite causes the most damage nationwide due to its large population. They generally swarm during the spring, more towards the morning, when soil temperatures are hovering around 70 degrees.  

Prevention is the key to avoiding swarms of termites from entering a home. Control of entry points around the outside of a house, especially near damp and moist areas, is one of the better means of preventing swarms from gathering and multiplying. Setting baits and traps at these locations can also help prevent the formation of colonies. Once a colony is discovered, there are several proven solutions available to eradicate termites including Sentricon® or Dupont™ Altriset™ termiticide. Another viable way of ridding a house of subterranean termites is injecting the nest with borate and liquid nitrogen, which the termites must ingest or come in contact with to work. A trusted professional is recommended to test for termites and propose a solution if needed. Contact Triple S Services at 800-457-3785 for a free inspection.

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