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How to Keep the Stink Out

Brown marmorated stinkbugs are adept at getting into tight spaces. You might think your house is well sealed, but stinkbugs can get into the smallest spaces. Even if your screen door appears to be free from holes, they can get in through cracked weather stripping. The entry points into your home for utilities such as water and electricity also offer opportunities for these bugs to get in. These are just two examples.

What do you do once they are inside? It’s known that when threatened or killed, stinkbugs emit an odor. No one wants that stink in their house. There are ways to capture them alive and avoid the smelly result. In addition to Triple S’s service plans to help control the stink bug population in and around your home, here are some tips from the University of Maryland’s Home and Garden Information Center on how to keep stinkbugs out and how to remove those who already made it in. Watch the video below.