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Termites and Sentricon®

Spring and summer are the most active time for termites, although they forage all year long. They are voracious eaters, which in their business means hard workers. 24 hours a day they are working, eating through cellulose, finding new tunnels and digging through the wood structure of your home. With over $5 billion in damages to homes yearly, termites are a big threat to homeowners. Most termite damage is done before you realize it. That’s why it is important to have an inspection if you have any concern about termites in your house. Don’t wait, protect your most valuable asset today and maintain a renewable warranty or protection program.

Triple S Services uses Sentricon, an environmentally friendly system with a 100{ad5e8aa3ff70a065ec921f73ddc1066dff67ecaeac85a84c725cb4d67ce49b4f} success rate of eliminating termites. Sentricon not only kills the queen, but also targets current termites and colonies, and prevents future infestations. It is the only stand-alone system proven to eliminate the entire termite colony. Sentricon has independent research done by 30 universities and independent research organizations, and reported in 70 published scientific articles.

Benefits of Sentricon:

Help protect the environment by going green with Sentricon:

  • Minimal use of active ingredient
  • Active ingredient targeted specifically to termites
  • First termite treatment system to meet rigid EPA human and animal low impact standards
  • Winner of the Presidential Green Chemistry Challenge Award

Sentricon protection is included in our Bundled Service Plan. Now you can keep your home protected all year long for $89 per month! This plan includes complete pest control, termite and mosquito control a well. Protect your home today, call us at 800-457-3785 or request service online.


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