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Spiders Belong Outside

Spiders are fascinating — they have eight legs, eight to 12 eyes and some are even hairy. They sound like frightening creatures, yet they are helpful and control the insect population naturally.  It is true, spiders do eat insects, even other spiders, but is it wise to let them share your habitat?

Many house spiders are harmless.  By nature spiders aren’t aggressive and won’t bother you unless you bother them.  However, there are some types of spiders native to our region that you don’t want living with you in your home.  Living up to its name, the brown recluse spider doesn’t want to be bothered. But if it is, its bite is painful and can be harmful. Black widows like to lurk in backyard woodpiles or drain downspouts.  They also can strike if they feel threatened and their bite is very dangerous (though if treated in a timely manner, will not be fatal.) Hobo spiders, indigenous to the Virginia, Maryland and DC area are also reclusive spiders that will only bite if they feel threatened.  So while these spiders aren’t aggressive and won’t seek you out, they do pose some level of threat in your home.

There are ways to minimize the likelihood of spiders in your home.  Spiders like quiet and dark areas such as the attic, or cool areas such as the basement, corners and flowerpots are a favorite habitat as well. Keep these areas clean.  If you see a web, use a broom or vacuum cleaner to remove it. The vacuum cleaner can be especially helpful because it can remove any egg sacs with minimal disturbance. Spiders like cardboard, so store items in plastic containers with airtight lids. Keep your woodpiles away from the foundation of your home.  Most importantly, let the experts inspect and treat your home.  Call us today 800-457-3785 for a spider inspection and to learn more tips on how to make your home most unwelcome to these eight-legged arachnids.