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Have Bug Questions? Ask our Expert Entomologist

There is a lot that we do not understand about insects and why they do what they do. To find out, most people would think to talk with an entomologist; however, not many people may know how to go about finding one. Triple S Services has made talking to an entomologist easy. Triple S Services have a full-time entomologist available to answer all your bug questions.

What is an Entomologist?

An entomologist is a scientist who studies insects. Since there are so many different types of insects, most entomologists only study a specific family of insects. Entomologists study insect behavior, morphology, nutrition, and ecology. Entomologists help to produce information about endangered species, fragile ecosystems and our environment. They also help prevent the spread of serious diseases in plants and animals. Entomologists can be found in such careers as medicine, law, pharmacology, veterinary medicine, teaching, and research.

Who is Triple S Services Entomologist, Dr. Timothy Dickens?

  • Has handson experience with Integrated Pest Management
  • Participated in the Department of Defense Pest Management Program
  • Former Navy entomologist
  • Was a major developer of training courses leading to EPA category certification in pest management
  • Developed and conducted IPM training for U. S. Navy Ships in the Atlantic and Pacific Fleets
  • Presenter in DoD workshops
  • Regular lecturer at the Uniformed Services University of the Health Sciences
  • Board certified in Urban Entomology by the Entomological Society of America
  • a member of Phi Sigma Research Honor Society

What Does Dr. Dickens Do at Triple S?

Triple S Services added staff entomologist Dr. Timothy H. Dickens to its team in 1997. Dr. Dickens’ role has been to improve quality assurance. He accomplishes this through assisting in Triple S’ IPM program’s design and development, insect identification, development of documented technician training programs, and contract supervision of government contracts. He also helps customers with any questions they may have about insects.

So if you have a question about bugs and why they do the things that they do, then head over to   Triple S’ website today to ask their full-time entomologist Dr. Timothy Dickens. If, when talking with Dr. Dickens, you find you may have a pest problem, call Triple S Services at (703)348-9561 and talk to one of their trained professionals about your pest control needs. Get the facts, then get the service you need, all from one company: Triple S Services.

Benefits of our Home Guardian Plan (HGP)

Do you have annoying pests in your home such as cockroaches, spiders, termites, or mice? If you have any of these pests and need to get rid of them, Triple S Services has the perfect plan for you. Even if you do not have any of these pests, but want to prevent them, Triple S can help with that as well. Their Home Guardian Plan will guarantee that your home is pest-free with monthly visit, on-call services, and proactive ant management.

What is the Home Guardian Plan

The Home Guardian Plan is protection against insects and other common household pests. The Home Guardian Plan also protects your home from carpenter ants, fleas and ticks. The Home Guardian Plan is also a form of proactive ant management.

With the Home Guardian Plan you will get nine monthly visits a year which are March through November. From December to February you will receive on-call service. With the Home Guardian Plan you have an unlimited request service.

The Home Guardian plan Starts at about $475 per year. Existing members can also ask about eligible discounts such as pre-paying for the year to save 10{ad5e8aa3ff70a065ec921f73ddc1066dff67ecaeac85a84c725cb4d67ce49b4f}.

Other Services

Triple S also has two other pest control services to help protect your home. First the Regular Home Service or RHS is similar to the HGP. However, there are a few differences, such as getting quarterly visits instead of 9 months’ worth of visits a year. It is also not a form of proactive ant management. The RHS costs about $375 per year. The second service is the Gold Service Plan. The Gold Service plan includes the complete RHS package as well as carpenter ants. With the Gold Service Plan you will get 6 termite prevention visits per year. The Gold Service Plan costs about $59 per month with no renewals or annual fees.

So if you are wanting to get rid of all those pesky insects and other pests that may be in your home, call Triple S Services today at (703)368-8000. Don’t let pests ruin your home! Let Triple S Services help you take back your home and protect it from the annoyance of insects and other pests. With one call to Triple S you will be able to find the perfect plan for you and your home and get peace of mind.