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Best Way To Detect Bed Bugs

Bed bugs are very hard to detect. This is most true at the beginning of an infestation, because only a few bugs are present. Even an experienced professional may have trouble detecting the bugs if there are only a few bugs present in the home. This means that a visual inspection is not very reliable and can be very costly.

Certain devices are made to help detect bed bugs in your home. A sticky insect trap is one way to try to catch bedbugs. It is not very effective, though, because there is no guarantee that you will catch a bed bug given how difficult they are to detect. Another device is the bed bug interception device. This is placed under the legs of beds and sofas. The bed bug interception device works by trapping the bugs as they move around naturally in your home going to and from your bed.Traps that use attractants such as carbon dioxide and/or chemical lures are also used to help detect bed bugs in the home. These traps that use attractants are still being evaluated as to how effective they actually are.

A mattress encasement is another great way to help detect bed bugs because it takes away any hiding spots in the mattress. The bed bugs are then limited to the smooth surface of the encasement which makes it very easy to detect them during an inspection. This also keeps the mattress and box spring from becoming infested with bed bugs.

Canine scent detection is also another way to help detect bed bugs. There are really good professionally run canine inspection companies that can detect even the smallest of infestations. But there are a growing number of poorly run companies which makes it a tough decision about trying canine scent detection. If you use a poorly run company, you can be paying for them to not be able to find anything even if bed bugs are present.

So if you think you have bed bugs but do not know if any of these detection methods will help you, call a professional today. The professionals at Triple S Pest Control can help you detect bed bugs and get rid of them if they are present in your home. Take back your home with the help of the professionals at Triple S Pest Control.

Bed Bugs Do's & Don'ts

Bed bugs are everybody’s worst nightmare. Once you have them, they are very tough to get rid of, and it can cost a lot to contain the problem. Bed bugs are parasitic insects that feed on blood. Bed bugs can also be spread to other places if you are not careful, which makes them harder to get rid of.

So if you think you may have bed bugs, here are a few do’s and don’ts for dealing with them

Don’t change sleeping spots and don’t go stay with others

Bed bugs will travel with you to new places and spread. Leaving your home is not an option either because bed bugs will become dormant until you return in which case they will start biting again. So staying in your home and continuing to sleep in the same bed as normal is the best way to get rid of the bedbugs during treatment.

Save any bed bugs you find

If you find any bugs pick them up with clear tape then tape them to an index card. Pest control people will be able to identify them for you and you may also want to show them to your landlord.

Rule out other possible conditions

Make sure to try and rule out other possible conditions such as folliculitis, scabies, and bites from other insects. Going to a doctor may not always help because they can not tell for certain if you have bed bug bites.

Don’t think that you are the only one being bitten

Not everyone reacts to bed bug bites because bed bug bites are an allergic reaction. Reactions can range from not showing up at all to being quite severe.

Don’t start throwing out your furniture

Most mattresses can be treated by pest control. You can then ask the pest control officer if they think you should get rid of your old furniture and they can help you do it safely. If you throw out an infested mattress or sofa someone else could pick it up and then they will have bedbugs.

Don’t start buying a lot of chemicals to treat the problem yourself

If you don’t know exactly what you are doing, using chemicals can cause the bugs to disperse making it harder for PCOs to treat them and get rid of them properly. Using pesticides can also spread the bed bugs around your home.

Don’t use a bug bomb or fogger

Using these will cause the bugs to spread ,making your problem even more of a problem than before.

If you still have questions or concerns about bed bugs call the professionals at Triple S pest control today at 703-348-9561 to see how they can help you get rid of those pesky bed bugs.