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Out, Mouse! Simple Tips To Get Rid of Mice

It starts with rustling in the attic and walls. You try to convince yourself you’re imagining it. Soon you start smelling the musty odor and you pretend it’s simply dust. But when you find droppings, there’s no mistaking it: You’ve got mice.

Mice are nightmare houseguests. They carry disease, destroy insulation and foodstuff with their nesting and foraging, gnaw on wires to start fires and leave nasty smelling droppings everywhere they go. If you’ve got mice, you’ve got a big problem that’s only going to get bigger. They can give birth to half a dozen young every three weeks. They can multiply out of control in a hurry. That’s why it’s important to act quickly when you realize you have an infestation.

Traps are the only reliable way for a homeowner to get rid of mice. Poison simply doesn’t work as well — aside from the difficulty of keeping it from kids and pets, unlike ants, mice don’t share their food. And you don’t want a poisoned mouse to crawl off and die in a wall somewhere.

Here are some tips for trapping mice:

  • Set up traps where you see a lot of activity (you can tell by the density of the droppings) or near a “mouse run” (usually dark smear along the bottoms of walls caused by oily mouse bodies running alongside it). If you’re worried about kids and pets disturbing the traps, put them inside a pvc pipe or a coffee can.
  • Check traps frequently, and dispose of the dead mice wearing gloves.
  • Continue placing traps until two or three days pass without killing any mice.
  • Clean up the droppings and urine daily with bleach so that you will know whether there are any fresh ones. Use a mask to avoid breathing in any pathogens.

Proactively seek out where rodents are gaining entry to your house. Seal openings around pipes and exhausts with foaming insulation or caulk. Seal windows and doors with weatherstripping. Place wire mesh over and openings you suspect they may be entering through.

If you have mice and want the problem dealt with quickly and effectively, call the pest management specialists at Triple S: (877)415-8724

Ways To Protect Yourself From Mosquitoes

As the days start to warm up and we spend more time outside, there’s a particular type of pest management we are all concerned with: getting rid of mosquitoes.

These blood sucking menaces can carry pathogens, including West Nile virus. But luckily, there are many ways you can be proactive about preventing mosquitoes.

Mosquito Management

The best thing to do is to keep them from hatching in the first place. Mosquito eggs can hatch in less than an inch of water, and in 5-7 days. So it’s extremely important to make sure there is no standing water in your yard. Empty buckets, wheelbarrows, dog bowls, even potted plant saucers twice a week to make sure the eggs can’t hatch.

Eggs can even hatch in low-lying areas or wet leaf litter, so walk your property after a rain to ensure that everything is draining as it should. If you have ponds or pools in your yard, make sure the pools stay chlorinated, even while you’re on vacation, and that ponds get a “mosquito dunk” (an infusion of bacteria that prevent mosquito eggs from hatching.)

Preventing Bites

Unfortunately, you can’t make all your neighbors be as conscientious as you, so preventing mosquito bites comes down to what you already know: Using a repellent that contains DEET, wearing loose, long-sleeved shirts and pants, avoiding early morning and evening hours.

In addition, citronella can help discourage mosquitoes, and those carbon dioxide mosquito traps are extremely effective over a relatively large area. You can also install bat boxes or purple martin houses on your property to encourage mosquito-devouring animals.

If you are still having problems with mosquitoes and you want to get rid them or anything else, call the pest management specialists at Triple S: (703)-348-9561 | (877)-415-8724

About Triple S Services:

Triple S Services is the foremost pest management firm in the Washington DC/NOVA area, with clientele that ranges from single family dwellings to commercial buildings to government installations. Their broad range of services and expertise make them the top provider for many. Contact Triple S at (877) 415-8724 or visit for full details of their service area.

Do Your Part To Prevent Roaches


Roach Prevention Tips

Even if you just see one roach, chances are you’ve got a big problem — you just don’t know it yet. The rest of them could be nesting somewhere dark and out of the way. A single roach can quickly reproduce into thousands.

Roaches nest where food and water is freely available. This is why they are most often found in kitchens and bathrooms, although when an infestation is bad enough they can be found anywhere in your house.

Roaches are notoriously hard to get rid of, so it’s best to not attract them in the first place. They need both food and water, just like everyone else, so making sure that all food is in sealed plastic containers and dirty dishes are not left out for more than a few minutes is very important.  They can only survive a week or so without water, so be sure to mop up spills and fix any leaking taps. Simple practices like this can keep you from attracting them.

You can also take steps to prevent roaches’ entry into your home. Inspect walls, windows, and doors for cracks and carefully seal them with caulk or foam insulation. This is fussy work, but it’s worth the effort to avoid roaches (it will help your heating and cooling bill, too).

Finally, if you already have roaches, you need to be both ruthless and diligent…and this entails hiring a professional. Unfortunately many people try fixing the problem themselves by just “spraying” and placing out a few roach traps for several months. In the long run, this can actually cost you more money and even endanger your family when chemicals aren’t placed properly.

If you don’t want the risk of spraying and the burden of emptying roach traps nightly for the next two months, call us. We have experience to use the right amount of chemicals, baits and traps, and we’ll provide prevention tips and recommendations. We’ll also visit periodically to make sure the problem stays gone. Call Triple S’ today: (877) 415-8724.


Everyday Is Earth Day At Triple S Services

Triple S Services, the foremost pest management and extermination firm in the Washington, D.C. Metro Area, is always happy to celebrate and promote environmental awareness, such as the annual Earth Day.

Such holidays are a great way to involve the young and old alike in conversations about preserving the environment and making better use of our resources, but it’s important to remember those tenets on the other 364 days of the year.

At Triple S, Dr. Timothy H. Dickens, our resident etymologist, works tirelessly throughout the year to develop pest management routines and practices using the latest research and technology developments.

Dr. Dickens, a former Navy etymologist who also developed training regimens for the Environmental Protection Agency, now works full time with Triple S to improve quality assurance for our customers, who range from homeowners to hospitals to government agencies.

Dr. Dickens expands on the philosophy of his work: “The management philosophy we subscribe to is known as “Integrated Pest Management.” In practice, this means that we’re constantly looking for ways to deter or remove pests with targeted methods that reduce impact on the environment and risk to other organisms. This method is proactive but not overly so; instead of indiscriminate use of pesticides on a quarterly basis, for instance, we monitor properties carefully and address issues on a case by case basis.”

He points to the example of the termite control system Sentricon, which is the only pest control method to receive the Presidential Award for “green chemicals”, and is so safe it doesn’t even require a warning label.

Previous termite control methods required an annual dousing of the earth around and near the home with pesticides. The Sentricon method is to plant one or more bait stations around the property, which contain bait stations laced with a chemical that doesn’t kill termites– it merely prevents them from molting and reaching the next stage of their life cycle. The termite colony then simply dies out because its members never grow the wings needed to colonize new territory.

These ingenious methods are cutting edge, and require the oversight of someone who is equally up-to-date and up to the task of implementing these new procedures. Triple S prides itself on this forward-thinking and earth-friendly philosophy. They’re protecting the environment, and your home, every day of the year.

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About Triple S Services:
Triple S Services is the foremost pest management firm in the Washington DC/NOVA area, with clientele that ranges from single family dwellings to commercial buildings to government installations. Their broad range of services and expertise make them the top provider for many. Contact Triple S at (877) 415-8724 or visit for full details of their service area.