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Check Out Our Spring Pest Management Programs

Spring has sprung and many rodent and insect species are busy foraging for food and shelter after the long, cold winter months. Don’t let your home be their haven. Have a look at our comprehensive pest management programs, available for both commercial and residential properties.

We have three pest management plans available:

  • Regular Home Service Plan
  • Home Guardian Plan
  • Gold Service Plan

The Regular Home Service Plan includes quarterly visits to your home, unlimited service requests, and protection against 26 common household pests.

The Home Guardian Plan takes a proactive approach and is designed to combat pests before they get near the structure of your home. After all, all pests come from outside. The Home Guardian Plan includes nine monthly visits per year (Mar-Nov) with on-call service the rest of the year. We provide proactive ant management outside the home and unlimited service calls.

The Gold Service Plan includes everything in the Home Guardian plan and adds the award-winning termite protection of the Sentricon Termite Protection System, (an environmentally safe system that includes six maintenance visits per year). This is fully comprehensive, all-around protection that you just can’t get anywhere else.

Our specialists are experienced and highly trained in the best and most up-to-date pest management and prevention practices. Our quality speaks for itself with our track record of happy and repeat customers.

To have an experienced professional exterminator guide you through this process, call Triple S at (703) 368-8000 or (800) 457-3785. You can also visit us at

Triple 'S' Endorses Sentricon Termite Solution

Triple ‘S’ Services Endorses Sentricon Termite Solution and Makes It The Centerpiece of Their Gold Service Plan

Triple ‘S’ Services, the leading pest management and extermination firm in Virginia, Maryland and Washington DC, is pleased to announce that the award-winning Sentricon Termite System will be the centerpiece of their Gold Service Plan, a monthly preventative maintenance service Triple ‘S’ offers residential and commercial customers.

Company President and CEO Tony Sfreddo explains more: “Sentricon is absolutely cutting-edge termite prevention technology. They’ve put a tremendous amount of research and development into a system that lures termites and destroys a colony before it ever has a chance to invade. And the best part is, it’s absolutely safe around pets and children.”

The Sentricon Termite system consists of subterranean bait-stations to lure in foraging worker termites. No antiquated pesticides necessary: the lure is a patented formula that is taken back to the colony by enterprising workers, where the secret ingredient inhibits the maturation of colony termites. Unable to create the next generation, the colony dies.

The Sentricon bait stations are installed and serviced by Triple ‘S’ experienced and certified technicians in the course of their bi-monthly service visits, during which time the technician also does preventative treatments for 20 other common household pests. The Gold Service package is totally comprehensive and protects homes from cockroaches, spiders, crickets, ants, bees, wasps, hornets, mice, rats, earwigs, millipedes, centipedes, pill bugs, meal moths, pantry & stored product pests, carpet beetles, clover mites, silverfish/firebrats, carpenter ants, fleas & ticks.

Triple ‘S’ Services is pleased to offer their clients comprehensive, preventative pest management that is safe, healthy and offers a minimum of disruption — like the Sentricon Termite Solution.

About Triple ‘S’ Services:
Triple ‘S’ offers a variety of services, varying from Pest and Termite Control to Construction and Water Testing. Triple ‘S’ has over fifty pest and termite technicians and related personnel in the field every day. All of our field personnel are state registered or certified and our average customer remains with Triple ‘S’ for more than ten years. Contact us at (877) 415-8724 or visit to schedule an appointment today.