Hobo Spiders In Your Home

Hobo Spiders

Pest Control Services The hobo house spider is thought to have been first introduced sometime before 1930 to North America via agriculture shipments to Seattle. Since then, the spider has thrived in American urban cities and is now spread over much of the Pacific Northwest including parts of Canada.

This spider is somewhat large and their bite is very painful. Much like the brown recluse, their venom causes lesions and for this reason bites are often misdiagnosed. That said, the hobo spider is the leading cause of serious spider bites in the Northwest.

Is It Poisonous?

Experts are currently in a disagreement whether or not the hobo house spider is aggressive and has enough venom to match the toxicity of the bite of a brown recluse spider. If left alone there are no substantiated cases where this spider has sought out a human to bite. However, if accidental contact is made or if the spider is protecting its egg sacs, bites can occur.


In a normal healthy human however, hobo bites are not believed to be fatal. What has been confirmed though is that the bite of a hobo house spider can cause extreme pain in the immediate area.

What Does The Hobo Spider Look Like?

Identification of the hobo house spider is difficult because most of it would require the use of a magnifying glass. Mature female hobo spiders are 3/8-5/8 in long, and male is slightly smaller in body length. It is commonly reported that identification marks include chevron markings on the arachnid’s abdomen. These chevrons, ‘V’ shaped marks always point to the head of the spider. This however is also seen on other spiders so it can’t be relied on 100%.

The quickest way would be to look at its eyes. (same for the brown recluse) The hobo spider has 8 eyes in two almost straight rows. That said; To safely and positively ID this spider you should consult Triple S pest exterminators.

To prevent the hobo house spider from living in your home, regularly clean areas in which it is likely to live in like corners of your home, flower vases, the attic and many others. If you see a web, use a broom or vacuum cleaner to remove it. The vacuum cleaner may be preferred because it can remove any egg sacs that carry future hobo house spiders.

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