Ants That Won’t Go Away

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Do have ants inside your house and cannot get rid of them?  Have you purchased spray and baits, placed them all around your home, but they haven’t made any difference?

The ants you are seeing almost certainly have a nest somewhere in or outside your house, and unless you are a trained professional you may never find the colony (the source of your problem). The baits and sprays you buy at a store can actually kill them too quickly, not take care of the problem for good, and could actually harm your family if not applied properly. Triple S’ Pest Exterminators are certified technicians who use specialized baits, gels and dusts not available to the general public that are environmentally safe and will get rid of your ant problem without putting you, your family, your pets or the environment at risk.

Ants are one of the most common of all household pests and can be frustrating to deal with. Our experts will:

  • Determine the type of Ant
  • Locate the nest
  • Apply an insecticide to the nest
  • Place ant bait traps and gel indoors

Ants, can be tricky and at times, one treatment will not eradicate the problem. There could be several colonies or they simply relocated elsewhere in the house — turning up in the pantry, bathrooms, and even crawling upside down on the ceilings.

For instance, some ants will nest almost anywhere, not just outdoors but also in the cavities of your home. The nest itself can also be highly mobile and just trying to spray them could allow the colony to pick up and move elsewhere in the house.

When it comes to treating an ant infestation in your home, it’s best to call Triple S sooner rather than later.  In the long run you’ll actually save money by not having to spend a lot of time and money on initially trying to take care of the problem yourself. Plus you have the piece of mind know a professional has safely applied the pesticides keeping your family safe.

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